Equine Supplement Service GmbH

Equine Supplement Service GmbH - in keeping with the motto "It's all for the horse ..." ESS is a product range of high-quality supplemental feed and care products for horses.


Because health is the basis for performance and success, they have concentrated on the development of perfectly balanced feed mixtures for almost 10 years now.


With ESS products you're always sure to have a high degree of effectiveness at the latest state of research.


There are always phases where horses have special needs that cannot be met with roughage and feed. With the wide range of feed supplement products from the "Classic Line" and the "Liquid Line", they ensure accurate applications for all types with which a broad range of indications are covered - such as support for the respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, the muscles, the digestive tract and much more.


In addition, when applied to affected areas the "Careline" product range aids in the healing of skin irritations and hoof problems, as well as wound healing.


The work with the veterinarians at the equine clinic Lüsche makes it possible to offer unique expertise with an in-depth veterinary background.

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