Radiograph and Ultrasound

Radiography, also known as x-rays, is the most widely known and used diagnostic imaging tool. And also frequently used in equine medicine. A modern, digital x-ray unit is available in Samorin.

Radiographic examinations are helpful in many instances: Most lameness examinations require radiographic imaging of the bones and joints, pre-purchase examinations include radiograph evaluation of the skeletal system and radiographs of the neck and the back are an important part of the examination of reluctant horses with possible back problems. Radiographic images can be viewed and discussed with the client immediately.

Ultrasonographic (ultrasound) examinations reveal important information inorthopedic medicine. Digital flexor tendons are frequently evaluated during ultrasound examinations using probes with different frequencies, which allow visualization of very small lesions. An individual therapy and treatment schedule can then be tailored to the patient.


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