The equine clinic Lüsche GmbH is a so-called “full-service-hospital” for horses. All disciplines of equine veterinary medicine are represented, including lamness examinations, orthopedic and soft tissue surgery (including colic surgery). With the comprehensive diagnostic and treatment options the equine clinic Lüsche is the one of the most modern equine clinics in Germany.


Since August 2015 there is a cooperation with the „Veterinary Clinic“ of the Hippo Arena Samorin. Cooperative work with two resident veterinarians builds a team of international specialists for sport horse medicine, orthopaedics, chiropractic and team services.


Horses are loyal companions, sports partners and family members, so we aim to provide the best possible care for your horse, because: It ́s all about the horse...


Profit from our expertise and the central location of Hippo Arena Samorin. The clinic is also accessible from Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary.


From now on it´s possible to  fix appointments!


We look forward to welcoming you and your horse.


Team Samorin

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Tierklinik Lüsche GmbH


Dubová ulica 33,
931 01 Šamorín-Čilistov



+ 421 901 911 621


Email: info@tierklinik-luesche-samorin.com


Our hours: 

Monday - Friday

8.00 am - 12.00 am &
1.00 pm - 6.00 pm

8.00 am - 12.00 am

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